Find the answers here to some commonly asked questions. Please take the time to read through as you may find the answer here rather than waiting for an email response. All emails will be replied to, but your patience is much appreciated. Remember, we do spend most of our time painting and creating awesome stuff! Otherwise, click HERE to be taken directly to the contact form.

Is the artwork on shoes waterproof?

​Yes! Our artwork is waterproof and durable. Our process involves prepping the shoes, using specialist waterproof paints and then sealing the shoes for added protection. We cannot however prevent scuffs and scrapes as with any pair of shoes.

Designs with Swarovski Crystal do need to be worn and stored with care.

Can I get my own custom design?

Each pair is painted to order so can be fully customised and tailor made to order! Everything is done to assure your 100% satisfaction. We will work with you to ensure the perfect design.

How much are custom designs and what does the price include?

Shoes  start at £120 and that includes the brand new Converse (retail about £40- £50), our time which usually ranges anywhere from 5-20 hours per pair and materials, which are waterproof paint. We also coat each pair of shoes with a dirt/rain repellant to keep them looking clean, longer.

Shipping is extra.

How are items shipped/Do you ship Internationally?

We ship Worldwide.
Included in this price is a tracking #, and insurance.
All items will be sent via Royal mail.
Orders can be sent through Fedex/ UPS at your request and further cost. Any problems with receiving orders must be communicated within 30 days of expected delivery confirmation. Canvas Warriors will not be held liable if contacted with a problem after 30 days. We endeavor to get all orders out to you on time, however cannot be held responsible for Postal Issues.

What payment methods do you accept?

​All payments are processed through Paypal for fast, secure, protected payment.

You can pay using any credit/debit card or if you have a Paypal account.

Can I get a refund?

Due to the customisation of Canvas Warriors products we cannot accept returns or exchanges on hand-painted or handcrafted merchandise. So it is very important to ensure that your sizing is correct, when you order. We do everything to ensure that your items arrive in perfect condition. Any faults need to be reported to us within 7 days of receiving your order.

How long is your waiting list for shoes?

Our waiting list fluctuates but there is generally a 2-3 month waiting list at any time due to demand. Each shoe takes hours and hours to complete, these are hand painted works of art painted and created to order!

I need a shoe order in time for a Birthday/Anniversary/ Wedding?

If an item is required urgently email us at the time of ordering and let us know! We will endeavour to get your order to you for the date it is needed.
For Shoes we offer an Express Service that carries an additional fee so contact us at:

Do you only do Converse shoes?

We can basically do any type of shoe as long as its canvas.

What about kids/baby shoes?

We can create unique custom designs on infant, toddler and children’s converse.

I can't decide what to get on my customs, what should I do?

Feel free to email us and we’ll help you brainstorm some ideas. If it is a gift, try and think of the person’s hobbies, obsessions and quirks that will make the pair unique to them and only them. Maybe it’s their favourite comic, game, TV/Movie, band, food, artist, the possibilities are endless.

How long will it take to receive my Jewellery/ Hoodie/bag?

Custom pieces take approx 2 weeks to craft before being sent out due to customisation and demand.
If an item is required urgently email us at the time of ordering and let us know! We will endeavour to get your order to you for the date it is needed. Contact us at:

I am allergic to certain metals?

Please note that our Jewellery is costume Jewellery and is not always Nickel Free.
If you are allergic or sensitive to some metals, then we do not recommend wearing our Jewellery.
We do have Sterling Silver Earwires and Nickel Free Ear wires for Allergy free Earrings.

How do I take care of my CW jewellery?

Please Handle and wear Jewellery with Care! Some of the more intricate handmade charms are a little more fragile than the metal charms.

Acrylic Charms:

The handmade charms are made to be very sturdy but note that they are still made Acrylic and can break.

Glass bottle Charms:

The glass bottles are sealed to protect their contents. Please do not try to unscrew the cork/lid as it will break. The bottles are glass and can break if not worn/handled with care.

Please do not bathe, shower, swim, sleep or do any rigorous activities with your Jewellery. Be careful when you take clothes off and on because they can snag on clothes and break off. So please handle your jewellery, even the ones with metal charms, with absolute care!!

How do I take care of my CW hoodie?

Please note that these hoodies are specially printed so need to washed with care.
If at all possible, hand wash cold, inside out using mild detergent.
Do not scrub the print.

PLEASE DO NOT USE DETERGENT WTH BLEACH as this can ruin the print on your custom hoodie as well as the hoodie itself!

The hoodie can also be washed cold wash, inside out,  in the washing machine on a gentle cycle.

Please be aware with wearing backpacks or anything else that can cause abrasions to the print.

As long as care is taken your unique hoodie will live a long life!

Do you make Jewellery for Children?

Our items are not toys and should not be given to Children under 5 years old as the charms can be a choking hazard.

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